Contractions Exercise 1

Directions: Make affirmative contractions using the words in parentheses.

Example: (I am) I'm happy.

1) (I will) see you at English class next week.

2) Is there milk in the refrigerator? Yes, (there is) milk in the refrigerator.

3) Shhh...(There will) be time to talk later.

4) (It is) raining outside.

5) (George is) going to the football game. (He will) be there at 7:30.

6) (I am) not at home right now.

7) (Who is) Mary? (Mary is) my best friend.

8) (Donald is) good at tennis.

9) (We will) be home at ten (of the clock) .

10) (What would) make you upset? (I would) be upset if you stole my money.