Contractions Exercise 2

Directions: Make affirmative contractions using the words in parentheses.

Example: (I am) I'm happy.

1) (They are) my friends.

2) Hooray! (We are) very happy!

3) Her name is Maria. (She is) 21 years old.

4) (You are) my best friend. (You have) been my best friend for ten years.

5) This is my classroom, and (that is) my teacher.

6) (Roberto is) my boss.

7) At 12:00 tomorrow night, (we will) be asleep.

8) Jessie and I are thankful for your invitation, and (we would) love to come to your party. (We will) be there at 8:00.

9) You should bring your lunch to the game. (There will) be food there but it is very expensive.

10) (We are) going to the concert tonight. Do you want to come?