Contractions Exercise 3

Directions: Make negative contractions using the words in parentheses.

Example: My name (is not) isn't James. It's Jerry.

1) Clouds (are not) blue. They're white.

2) I (do not) like spinach.

3) Erika (does not) like spaghetti.

4) Albert and I (did not) go to the party last weekend. We went to the beach instead.

5) If you (do not) help me, I (will not) help you.

6) I (have not) seen the movie yet. Have you?

7) Teddy and Erin (were not) feeling very well. So, they (did not) go to school.

8) I (would not) do that if I were you.

9) I (cannot) come to the game, but Peter can.

10) Jovita (has not) finished her homework yet. She is still working on it.