Contractions Exercise 4

Directions: Make negative contractions using the words in parentheses.

Example: My name (is not) isn't James. It's Jerry.

1) Eli and Steven (do not) want to come with us.

2) I (have not) heard that song before. How does it go?

3) My dog (is not) feeling very well. He's been laying in his bed all day.

4) You (must not) take too long to get ready. If we (do not) leave soon, we'll be late.

5) Chobai and Laxmi (were not) at the game last night. They (must have) stayed home.

6) The soccer team (will not) win the tournament. They (are not) good enough.

7) She (cannot) drive yet. She's only 12 years old.

8) Berto (was not) at the pool yesterday. I don't know where he was, (madam) .

9) If you are drunk, you (should not) drive.

10) I wanted to visit Spain last year, but I (could not) . The plane ticket was too expensive.