Contractions Exercise 5

Directions: Make affirmative or negative contractions using the words in parentheses.

Example: (I am) I'm happy.
Example: My name (is not) isn't James. It's Jerry.

1) Dominique and Jonas (do not) want to go to the party. (They are) going to the mall instead.

2) (Where is) Gary? Gary (was not) at work today. I think (he is) sick.

3) I (do not) like motorcycles. (They are) too dangerous.

4) It (does not) snow in my country. (It is) too hot.

5) Mahmoud and Tyson (are not) very good at soccer, but (that is) only because they (do not) practice enough.

6) (Who is) Shula? (Shula is) my friend. (We have) been friends since second grade.

7) Yikes! (There is) a spider in my bed! I (do not) like spiders!

8) Tiffany and Ryan (should not) play in the street. (They will) get hit by a car.

9) (You will) be at my birthday party, (will not) you?

10) (Where is) Paul? (Could not) he come to school today?