Contractions Final Exam

Directions: Make affirmative or negative contractions using the words in parentheses.

Miss Daisy: Hey Little John. How are you?

Little John: Hello (madam) . (I am) fine, thank you.

Miss Daisy: Oh Little John, (you are) too polite. You (do not) have to call me madam.

Little John: Oh, okay. Well, you (did not) have to call me "Little" John either. You (could have) just called me John.

Miss Daisy: I know, but I like calling you "Little" John.

Little John: Well, I like calling you Madam.

Miss Daisy: Hehe. Okay then. You can call me Madam if you like. So, (what is) up?

Little John: Oh, nothing new. (I am) just walking to town, and talking to the people I see.

Miss Daisy: Ahhh. That sounds like fun...I guess.

Little John: Oh, (it is) not too bad. Something to pass the time, you know?

Miss Daisy: Yes. Well, (I would) like to talk longer, but (I have) got to go. I am late for the royal banquet.

Little John: The royal banquet?! Why, (you had) better hurry then! I (would not) want to make you late for that! By the way, (when is) the ceremony starting?

Miss Daisy: At eight (of the clock) .

Little John: Well then! Off you go!!!