Directions: Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to enter your answer for that number.

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 3     4                  
    5    6      7        8      
10     11    12                 
  14     15         16          
 18               19        
    20    21    22              
          23        24      
    25    26          27        
    28        29        30   31     


1.This pillow is so _______.
5.I thought the test was ________. I think I got an A.
9.Unafraid. Not scared. Bold.
10.No longer living.
12.A good-looking man is a man who is __________.
14.A good-looking woman is a woman who is ___________.
16.Someone who is not good-looking is __________.
18.The desert is _______. There is no rain.
19.Rock concerts are _________.
20.My grandma is ________.
23.My daughter is five years old. She is _______.
26.If you eat too much, you will become ________.
27.Something that weighs a lot is ________.
28.I was in a bad car accident, but I am fine. I am still _________.
29.I can't lift this weight. I am so ______.
30.If you do not eat too much, you will become __________.
33.Marsha can lift any weight. She is very _______.
34.Please be _______. I am trying to study.


1.Tom is afraid of talking to strangers. He is _______.
2.I washed my hair. My hair is now _________.
3.James is my friend. He is _________ to me.
4.Rain. A bathtub. A glass of juice.
6.Sarah knows everything. She is _______.
7.We can't run very quickly. We are _______.
8.I just bought this book. It is a ________ book.
9.Wow! I love this picture. It is __________.
10.I can't see. It is too ________ in this room.
11.I did not wash the dishes. They are still _________.
13.Ice. Snow. Winter weather.
15.I am ________. I can reach the highest shelf.
18.This is not a nice thing to call someone. It means that he or she is not smart.
19.Mom dyes her hair blonde. Her hair is very _______.
21.I think I failed the test. It was too __________.
22.Fire. An oven. Summer weather.
24.Michael Phelps swims in the Olympics. He swims very _________.
25.I don't like Mr. Smith. He was _______ to me.
31.It is not fun to sleep on the floor. The floor is too _________.
32.Sonia is eight years old. She is ________ now, but she will grow taller as she gets older.