"Out Shopping"

Directions: Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to enter your answer for that number.

5    6            


3.I love these shoes, but I don't have enough money to ______ for them.
5.To converse with a salesperson, negotiating a lower price.
7.To give goods in exchange for other goods.
8.A store's window ___________ may feature some of the goods sold inside.
9.Everything in the store is half off! They're having a big _________.
10.A book with picture and prices of everything a store sells.


1.A slip of paper that grants the shopper a discount on a certain item.
2.To give money in exchange for goods.
4.The price tag says $9, but it really costs $9.75 because of the state sales _________.
5.Paper or plastic?
6.When you are ready to make a purchase, go to the cash ________.
7.I like this dress, but I don't know if it will fit me. May I _______ it on?
9.To give goods in exchange for money.
10.It is a good idea to _________ prices at different stores to see who has the best deals.