Directions: Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to enter your answer for that number.

1        2               
3     4        5            
       10      11    12        
 13   14          15           
         16        17      
    18         19          
      20           21     22   
      24             25    
  27   28            29        


1.Lunch comes __________ breakfast.
2.B is the letter ________ A and C.
3.We learn English _____ the Community College.
6.Synonym for although, in spite of.
7.A synonym for beside: ____________ to.
8.Ko is taller ______ Linda.
9.We used our windshield wipers as we drove ____________ the pouring rain
12."Romeo and Juliet" was written _____ Shakespeare.
13.It is raining ________. I need an umbrella!
15.Alyosha is going _____ the mall.
18.It’s a good idea to look both ways before you walk __________ the street.
19.Everyone stood __________ the fire to get warm.
20.I am at the front of the line. Everyone is standing __________ me.
21.The waiter pours the water _____ the cup.
23.The computer sits _____ the desk.
24.My family has owned this house _________ the year 1886.
25.Would you like a piece _____ cake?
27.I am swimming ___ the pool.
29.My dad knows a lot _________ hunting.
30.Everyone in the family was tall, ___________ Paul, who was short.
31.You shouldn't talk on your cell phone _________ the movie.


1.I disagree with you. I'm __________ this idea.
2.This is a synonym for "under."
4.Joe can't come to the party. I guess I should go _________ him.
5.Help wanted. Inquire ______.
10.27 comes __________ 28.
11.The hurricane is headed __________ our city. We have to leave.
12.The temperature in Antarctica can fall to 125 degrees __________ zero. That’s cold!
14.Water flows ________ a bridge.
16.I lived in France ____ a child.
17.The library doesn’t close ________ 8:30 pm.
18.There are stores all _________ Main Street.
20.The mouse is __________ the computer.
22.I'm ready to go to sleep. Turn the lights _____.
25.The milk is in the refrigerator. Can you take it ________ so we can drink some of it?
26.The sun shines ______ us.
28.A synonym for “close to”.