Present Tense Exercise 11

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present tense.

Affirmative (+) :
Example: He (play) plays the guitar.
Negative (-) :
Example: He (not, play) does not play the guitar.

1) I rarely (eat) chocolate. I (not, like) the way it (taste) .

2) We (like) to watch movies. My favorite movie (be) Titanic.

3) The ocean (sound) like an airplane.

4) The old flag (blow) in the wind everyday. It is getting old. It (need) to be replaced soon.

5) The janitor at my school (empty) the trash on Sunday.

6) Angelica always (try) to make new friends.

7) James (run) two miles everyday.

8) Elizabeth often (march) with the band.

9) John and I (open) presents at Christmas.

10) When there is a fire, the firemen (rush) to put it out. After the fire (be) out, they (go) home.

11) I (be, not) tired. I (think) I will read a book.

12) Shelly (not, think) this quiz is hard. But I (do) !