Present Tense Exercise 12

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present tense.

Example: I (play) play the guitar.
Example: Jessica (play) plays the guitar.
Example: He (not, play) does not play the guitar.

1) I always (eat) vegetables. Carrots (be) my favorite.

2) Randy (like) swimming in the ocean, but he (be) afraid of sharks.

3) After Jane (eat) dinner, she usually (go) to sleep.

4) I can't (decide) if I should go with them.

5) It (be) really cold outside, and I (not, have) a jacket!

6) Roberto and Kelly (hunt) for eggs every Easter.

7) James (live) by himself.

8) The simple present tense (be) easy!

9) My family (want) to visit the pyramids in Egypt.

10) Donna (love) the summer. She also (like) winter.

11) Liz and Tommy (travel) to the coast every year.

12) The baby (cry) every time it (want) to be fed.

13) You (need) to exercise in order to stay healthy.

14) What time (be) Rubiela getting here? She (be) late!

15) Yoko (win) the science contest every year. She (be) so smart!

16) Ken (be) a baker. He (bake) cakes and pasteries every morning. Then he (sell) them to his customers. Everybody (love) Ken's bakery.

17) The lights (be) too bright in this room. Someone (need) to turn them down. My eyes (hurt) .

18) The clock (not, work) . I (think) it (have) a dead battery.

19) Abdulla and Rachel (be) engineers. They (build) bridges. Sometimes, they (design) buildings.

20) The class (not, end) at 2:30. It (end) at 3:00.