Present Tense Exercise 13

Review of the Simple Present Tense

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present tense.

Hi. My name (be) Albert. My friends (call) me Al. You can call me Al if you (like) .

I (want) to tell you about a problem I (have) . It (be, not) a big problem, but it is not a small problem either. I (guess) it's somewhere between big and small.

I (have) a best friend. His name (be) Joe. But everybody (call) him Joey. Joey and I have been friends for a long time. That's the problem. Joey (like) to smoke. He (say) he (do, not) , but I (know) he (do) . He (try) to hide it from me, but I (see) him do it sometimes. When I see him do it, he just (laugh) and (walk) away.

Now, Joey (smoke) everyday. When he (come) over to my house, he (always, bring) his cigarettes with him. He (keep) them in his pocket. He (think) they are cool. He (not, think) it's a bad idea to smoke. He (say) "(not, worry) Al. I'm okay." He (tell) me that I (not, understand) , but I (think) I (do) .

I (feel) like it's his right to smoke. He can do what he (want) to do, right? He's free to make his own choices. But I can (not, help) it. I (care) about him too much. I (be) worried about him. He's my best friend. Remember?

Anyway, I (not, want) to bother you anymore with my problem. After all, it is not a big problem. But it (be, not) a small problem either.