Present Tense Exercise 20

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in present progressive tense.

Affirmative (+) :
Example: I (read) am reading a book now.
Example: You / We / They (speak) are speaking English now.
Example: He / She / It (run) is running in a race today.
Negative (-) :
Example: I (not, drive) am not driving to work today. I am walking.
Marlene and Joseph (not, come) are not coming with me to the movie. I am going alone.
Example: Pedro (not, cook) is not cooking dinner tonight. We need to cook it ourselves.

1) Dennis (hike) up the mountain. He is half way to the top.

2) I (tell) a bedtime story to my children, but I don't think they (listen) . Their eyes are closed. I think they (sleep) .

3) The comedian (act) funny.The audience (laugh) at the joke.

4) It (get) cold outside, and my sons (camp) high up in the mountains. I hope they (not, freeze) up there.

5) John (not, work) today, so he can come to the party.

6) Eddie (not, write) a novel. He is writing a poem.

7) Uncle Terry and his friend (fish) at the lake. They (not, fish) at the beach.

8) We (drive) home. We (run) low on gas. We should stop to get more soon.

9) You (sing) with the song on the radio. You have such a nice voice!

10) You (meet) the President tonight. He (expect) you to talk about the new proposal. Are you ready?

11) It (not, rain) outside. Let's go play!

12) I (not, drink) milk. I (eat) a sandwich.