Present Tense Exercise 21

Review of the Present Progressive Tense

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in present progressive tense.

Hey! Do you want to hear about what my family (do) right now? Well, I hope you do, because I am going to tell you!

Right now my dad (work) outside. I can see him. He (mow) the grass. He (cut) some flowers for my mother. He loves my mother very much. He (always, talk) about her. He (always, do) nice things for her. Right now my dad (sing) a song. I bet it is a song about my mom.

Now let's look at my mom. She (cook) something in the kitchen. It smells so good! She (put) some kind of spices into the pot. The pot (sit) on the stove. The water (boil) inside it. Also, something (bake) in the oven. It (look) like it is done. It (start) to turn brown. I think it is a turkey.

I also have two younger brothers. Right now they (play) with their toys on the floor beside me. They (laughing) with one another. They (make) a house out of blocks. The house (get) taller and taller. Oh no! The house is too tall. Watch out! It (crash) to the floor!

We are a happy family. I feel lucky to be a part of my family. Hmmm...let me guess...you (think) about your own family now, aren't you?