Present Tense Exercise 26

Directions: Choose the correct form of the verb in simple present perfect tense.

Note: In this exercise, nouns (Tom, Amy, Daniel, etc.) are used in place of pronouns (I / You / We / They / He / She / It). So, it is a good idea to think about which pronoun you could use instead of each noun. After you know what pronoun replaces the noun, use what you have learned in exercises 25 to conjugate the verbs correctly.

Example: I / You / We / They (eat) have eaten lunch already.
Example: He / She / It (eat) has eaten lunch already.

1) Mark (eat) dinner already.

2) Beth (write) three letters today.

3) Yoko and Armand (take) the test.

4) Marty and I (be) to Costa Rica three times.

5) I (drink) six cups of water today.

6) Eva (swim) in the ocean before.

7) Chong-Li (spend) all her money.

8) Linda (help) me with my homework before.

9) It (be) a good week so far.

10) You (finish) this exercise! Good job!