Present Tense Exercise 27

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present perfect tense.

Example: I / You / We / They (visit) have visited Argentina before.
Example: He / She / It (visit) has visited Argentina before.

1) I (visit) Tennessee before.

2) You (visit) Utah before.

3) We (visit) North Carolina before.

4) They (visit) California before.

5) He (visit) Texas before.

6) She (visit) New York before.

7) It (visit) Colorado before.

8) They (take) the test. Now they must wait for their scores.

9) I (eat) dinner already. I am not hungry.

10) All of the children (brush) their teeth. Now it's time for bed.

11) Andrew (finish) his work. He is ready to take a break.

12) Mimi (play) golf before.

13) I (see) this movie before. I don't want to watch it again.

14) I (wash) my clothes. Now I can put them on.

15) You (complete) this exercise. Hooray! :)