Present Tense Exercise 28

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present perfect tense.

Affirmative (+) :
Example: Charles (taste) has tasted Guacamole before.
Example: We (visit) have visited China six times.
Example: They (already, finish) have already finished their homework.
Negative (-) :
Example: We (not, eat) have not eaten dinner yet.

1) Mrs. Polanski (know) Peter since he was a little boy.

2) Angel and Roberto (arrive) in California. It took them eight hours to get there.

3) Nastia (live) in Norway for twenty-two years. She enjoys living there.

4) Ariel (be) a gymnast for eight years. She (break) six bones since she began practicing gymnastics.

5) (You, be) to Africa before? I (hear) it is beautiful there.

6) The President (speak) . His decision is final.

7) The letter you sent me (not, arrive) yet. I (check) my mailbox for it everyday.

8) I (wait) here for thirty minutes and my friend (not, come) to meet me. I guess I'll go home.

9) We (design) the building. Now, we just have to build it.

10) I (visit) Spain before. It is a very nice country.

11) Logan (already, score) two goals in the soccer game. If he scores again, he will have scored three!

12) Paul (be) sleeping all day today. I am not sure if he (do) his work yet. I hope he has.

13) If you (not, make) your bed yet, then you are in big trouble!

14) The mechanic (fix) 1000 cars since he started working at the repair shop.