Present Tense Exercise 29

Directions: Choose the correct form of the verb in present perfect progressive tense.

Example: I / You / We / They (work) have been working for two hours.
Example: He / She / It (work) has been working for two hours.

1) I (work) for six hours.

2) You (work) for five hours.

3) We (work) for three hours.

4) They (work) for ten hours.

5) He (work) for eight hours.

6) She (work) for two hours.

7) It (work) for one hour.

8) I (write) my new book for ten months. It is almost finished.

9) The runners (race) since 9:00 in the morning.

10) It (rain) since Monday.

11) Anthony (play) soccer his entire life.

12) The baby (cry) all night.

13) Julian and I (try) to get a job for two weeks.

14) The students (take) the test for thirty-five minutes. They have twenty-five minutes until time is up.

15) Ichiro (look) for his keys for fifteen minutes.