Present Tense Exercise 31

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present perfect tense or present perfect progressive tense.

Simple Present Perfect Tense:
Example: Charles (taste) has tasted Guacamole before.
Example: We (already, finish) have already finished our homework.
Example: (He, eat) Has he eaten dinner yet?

Present Perfect Progressive Tense:
Example: He (wait) has been waiting on the train for two hours.
Example: She (not, do) has not been doing very well in school lately.
Example: (They, swim) Have they been swimming in the lake?

1) We (already, bake) the cake. Now, we just have to decorate it with icing.

2) Have you ever been to Africa? I (see) pictures of it before. It looks beautiful.

3) The President (speak) . His decision is final.

4) The letter you sent me (not, arrive) yet. I don't know what happened to it.

5) I (clean) my room all morning. It looks much better now.

6) I (wait) for you the last thirty minutes. Where (you, be) ?

7) (Edward, receive) the money yet? I sent it to him three days ago. He should have gotten it by now.

8) They (build) a statue in your honor. You should be very proud.

9) Mahmoud and Rickie are dirty. They (play) outside all day.

10) (You, hear) the news? There was an earthquake in Haiti!

11) Mable (listen) to the birds in the morning this week. That is the best time to hear them.

12) (Tommy, study) in the library all day? He must have a big test tomorrow.

13) Sumana (be) sick all week. She (not, be) at school.

14) Igor (want) to visit Paris for years. He (save) his money for a plane ticket.

15) Simon (not, feel) very well lately. He should go to the doctor.