Present Tense Exercise 32

Review of the Present Perfect Tense

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present perfect tense or present perfect progressive tense.

Mrs. Rogers: Good afternoon Mr. Tenny. Thank you for coming to the interview. I understand you (be) very busy lately. I am glad you were able to make time for this interview.

Mr. Tenny: Oh, thank you. The pleasure is mine. I am happy to be here. How (you, be) ?

Mrs. Rogers: Fine, thank you. Well, let's get started. I would like to ask you some questions about your experience and job history. That way we can decide if you would be right for the job.

Mr. Tenny: That's fine. I'm ready to begin.

Mrs. Rogers: On your resume, it says you (work) as an architect for the last eighteen years. Is that correct?

Mr. Tenny: Yes, that's correct. I (get) a great deal of experience in my career. I (always, love) architecture, ever since I visited the piramids in Egypt as a young boy.

Mrs. Rogers: Well, we (look) for someone like you to design our next office building. It will be twenty stories tall. (You, have) any experience with buildings of that size?

Mr. Tenny: Yes, I have. I (design) several bulidings of that size, including a twenty-two story building in Atlanta, a twenty-five story building in Utah, and a twenty-eight story building in San Francisco. I also oversaw the construction of two thirty-five story buildings in Texas.

Mrs. Rogers: Okay, that sounds very good. We also need a smaller building in addition to the large one. How much experience do you have with small building projects? (You, design) any buildings that are two or three stories tall before?

Mr. Tenny: Yes, I (draw) plans for three story buildings before. I (create) models of several five story buildings as well.

Mrs. Rogers: That's great. Now, can you please tell me a bit about the project you (work) on recently?

Mr. Tenny: Yes, for the last two months I (organize) a new team to build a special type of building. This building is energy efficient, so it is better for the environment. It gets its energy from sun light. I (spend) a lot of my time on this project lately. I hope it all works out.

Mrs. Rogers: Yes, I (hear) about your new project. I (read) about it in the newspaper over the last few weeks. It (get) a lot of media attention. It must be very exciting.

Mr. Tenny: Yes, it is.

Mrs. Rogers: That's great. Well, I think I (get) all the information I needed. Thank you for coming to this interview. I will be contacting you shortly.

Mr. Tenny: Wonderful. It was nice to see you. I (enjoy) our time together. Have a nice day.