Pronouncing "ed" Endings Final Exam

Directions: Write the correct pronunciation of the "ed" endings after each word. Write d if "ed" sounds like D. Write t if "ed" sounds like T. Write id if "ed" sounds like ID.

The bear jumped out of its cage and into the crowd. She must have realized that this was her best chance to escape. The bear’s trainer looked as though he were about to faint from the terror of it all; it seemed like his worst nightmare come true. He scrambled to his feet and started waving his hands and shouting to get the bear’s attention. She stopped her wild rampage only for a moment at the sound of her trainer’s pleas. She quickly turned back to the crowd and resumed knocking people to the floor. The trainer suddenly had an idea. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a large chocolate covered treat – a known favorite of the bear. He shouted the bears name once more to get its attention. She turned to face him. She saw the treat and ran in full gallop towards him. He threw the treat into the cage and the bear followed . He locked the door behind her and fell to the floor in relief. Apparently, the bear valued food more than freedom.