Using the Verb "To be" Exercise 10

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb "To be" in simple present tense or simple past tense.

Example: Elise (be) is my daughter.
Example: My dog (be) was sick last night.

1) The clouds moved away, and the sun shone through. The sky was full of pretty colors. It (be) beautiful.

2) Arturo and Ryo (be) at the party last night.

3) (be) anyone going to the pool later?

4) The old house (be) made of wood. It (be) built in 1967.

5) Christopher, where (be) you? Andrea told me you went to Guatemala. (be) that true? When (be) you coming back?

6) Yesterday (be) the best day of my life!

7) I (be) ready to go. When (be) we leaving?

8) Who (be) coming to the beach with me?

9) I (be) very tired. I (be) tired yesterday too. I think I (be) sick.

10) I (be) driving to your house this morning when I hit a deer. Right after I hit it I called the police. They told me that it (be) not my fault because I didn't have enough time to stop. That made me feel a little better. But I (be) still very worried about it now. I hope the deer (be) okay. They told me it was going to live. I hope that never happens again. It (be) terrible.