Using the Verb "To be" Exercise 3

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb "To be" in simple present tense.

Example: My teacher (be) is nice.
Example: The cat (be, not) is not hungry.

1) The old man (be) wise.

2) The math test (be) difficult. That's why I (be) studying hard for it.

3) The workers (be) tired. The have been working for six hours.

4) I (be) happy. I (be, not) sad.

5) The racecar (be) fast.

6) My friend (be) buying a new car. Her old car broke down. It doesn't work anymore.

7) I (be) at the beach with my family. It (be) hot and sunny outside. The ocean water (be) warm.

8) Ko and Jacob (be) very smart. Ko (be) a scientist and Jacob (be) an engineer.

9) The library (be) open until 9:00 p.m.

10) The school (be) small.

11) Jaime and I (be) best friends.

12) Tommy, Steven, and Teddy (be) in the school play.

13) Beatrice (be) at her house.

14) It (be) hot outside. It (be, not) is not cold.

15) You (be) finished with the quiz!