Using the Verb "To be" Exercise 6

Directions: Choose the correct form of the verb "To be" in simple past tense.

Example: You / We / They (be) were sick last night.
Example: I / He / She / It (be) was sick last night.

1) I (be) tired last night.

2) You (be) happy last night.

3) Richard and I (be) excitied last night.

4) Javier and Roberto (be) lazy last night.

5) Julian (be) angry yesterday.

6) Rachel (be) sleepy yesterday.

7) The movie (be) scary. I don't want to watch it again.

8) Ko, Teddy, and Peter (be) tired after the long drive.

9) Johnathan (be) hungry. So, he ate a sandwich.

10) My mom (be) helping the teacher at school yesterday.