Using the Verb "To be" Final Exam

Directions: Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb "To be". You may consult the verb tense diagram here.

“Today going to be very cold,” said the weather man on the TV.
“You need to wear very warm clothes.”

He talking in a very low voice. He very serious. "You need to be careful out on the roads," he said. "Two car accidents reported this morning."

Dr. Hayden turned off the T.V. He put on the warmest clothes he had. He put on a sweater, jacket, gloves, socks, boots, and a hat. Then, he went outside. It snowing and the wind blowing. “Wow, it very cold outside,” said Dr. Hayden. The weather man was right! He got into his car. He turned the key. The engine came to life. He turned up the heat. He very cold.

There a lot of traffic on the road. The cars going slow. The doctor did not understand why everybody going so slow. “Why all the cars going so slow today?” he said. "They going as fast as usual. Usually they go faster."

He began to think to himself, "Hmmm...If it takes me ten more minutes to get to get to work, then this the longest drive to work I have ever taken!"

Finally, he saw why the cars going so slow. They going so slow because there a car accident!

“Why did this accident happen?” Dr. James said. He drove closer to the accident. He looked out of his window.

everybody okay here?” he asked.

“Yes, we okay. We had a small car accident, but we okay,” they said.

“What did you hit?” asked the doctor.

“A snowman!” they said.