Reading Comprehension

Free online Reading Comprehension Exercises and Quizzes. We love reading comprehension. We think you do too. After all, it's the most popular subject on English Maven, and a staple educational tool used throughout schools and the internet. However, it is important to note that while they may be popular, not all reading comprehension exercises are created equal. Some do a good job of quizzing students on vocabulary or the information they have just read, but leave out what is arguably the most important ingredient: critical thinking. Critical thinking questions teach students to manipulate bits of information which can be used to formulate their own answer - one that may not be clearly outlined in the text. We believe in the power of critical thinking. And, we think it can be taught not only at the intermediate and advanced level , but at the beginning level as well. The following reading comprehension exercises represent some of the best content English Maven has to offer. So, be ready to think critically, and enjoy!

Short Stories

In these reading comprehension exercises, students read a short story and then answer questions about details in the story. These exercises are interactive, colorful, unique, and are sure to improve your reading comprehension and vocabulary. Each exercise contains reading comprehension questions and vocabulary questions.

Exercises by ReadTheory

Informational Passages

These exercises are interactive, colorful, unique, and provide interesting information about a range of subjects. This enables students to improve their reading comprehension skills and expand their vocabulary while simultaneously learning about an intriguing subject.